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The right and wrong view of "always taking the user as the right and taking yourself as the wrong" is the driving force for Chaoyang to create users.
Super foreigners always take users as their priority. They should not only meet users' needs, but also create users' needs; Foreigners always think they are wrong. Only when they think they are wrong can they constantly deny themselves, challenge themselves and reshape themselves - to achieve the goal of controlling change and winning in change.
These two forms the inherent genetic characteristics of super ocean sustainable development: it will not change due to the change of the world and develop in line with the development of the times.
This gene, together with the "two innovations" (Entrepreneurship and innovation) spirit of each super foreigner, forms the core competence characteristics of super ocean to maintain competitive advantage in the ever-changing market: the more intense the world changes, the faster the users change and the longer the inheritance.
The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation is the constant gene of super foreign culture.
The unchanging concept gene is not only a guide to employees' personal development concept, but also a constraint to employees' values. The concept of "always taking users as the right and taking yourself as the wrong" requires employees to have the spirit of two innovations.
Entrepreneurship is entrepreneurship. Chaoyang encourages every employee to have entrepreneurship, change from being operated to independent operation, turn the impossible into possible, and become their own CEO;
The essence of innovative spirit is to create differentiated value. The creation of differentiated value comes from the creation of new user resources.
The core of the spirit of "two innovations" is to focus on the goal of competitiveness. The goal remains unchanged, but in order to achieve the goal, we should effectively integrate and use all resources with an open vision.



The win-win concept of rendanheyi is the guarantee for the sustainable operation of Chaoyang.
It mainly includes employees, users and shareholders. In the era of networking, Chaoyang, sub suppliers and partners jointly form a networked organization to form a community of interests for win-win sharing and value creation. Only when all stakeholders continue to win-win can Chaoyang achieve sustainable operation. In order to achieve this goal, Chaoyang continues to innovate its business model, and gradually forms and improves the rendanheyi win-win model with Chaoyang characteristics. "People" means employees with two innovative spirits; "Order" means user value. Each employee creates value for users in different independent business entities, so as to realize their own value, and the enterprise value and shareholder value are naturally reflected.
Each employee establishes a contract with users by joining an independent business entity, from being managed to independent management, from being operated to independent operation, and realizes "autonomy, autonomy and self promotion", which is the full release of human nature.
The win-win mode of rendanheyi provides employees with a mechanism platform with fair opportunities and fair results, and provides resources and mechanism guarantee for each employee to give full play to the spirit of two creativity, so that each employee can actively innovate in the form of self-organization, and strive for victory in the process of change.



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